There are many reasons why our citizens choose to live in San Gabriel, Florida. The warm winters, relatively mild summers, and beautiful coastal waters are what most outsiders think of. But our residents don’t just move here, they stay in San Gabriel because of so much more. San Gabriel’s beaches are pristine because we choose to keep them that way.

In fact, the measures that we have taken to ensure the safekeeping of the wildlife in and around San Gabriel are being emulated by other coastal communities within Florida.

As citizens of San Gabriel we support the efforts of Long Boat Key as detailed in this article. We have found that our efforts in keeping our beaches dark for the sea turtles has lead to increased turtle nesting sites along our shores. We think they too are moving in the right direction.

Florida is beautiful because of our natural resources. We share our community with such lovely creatures. The San Gabriel Nature Conservation Society is proud to offer other Florida cities and townships any help we can in establishing regulations that both support our local businesses, residents, tourism and wildlife.


Written by Esther Worthington, President of  The San Gabriel Nature Conservation Society.